New Music Coming Soon!!

New Music Coming Soon!!


My music is as contradictory as its creator… Romance and cynicism. Hope and longing. Beauty and grit. These are the things that define the music and the musician. A contradiction that somehow makes sense.

I was born and raised in the hills and valleys of West Virginia, a land of contradictions itself – a place of conservative values and union labor, of startling beauty and stifling poverty, of struggle and soul. It was here that I had my first musical experiences, simultaneously experiencing the traditional country gospel of my ancestors, all the while sneaking into my older sisters' bedroom to pilfer and explore their collection of 45's, pretending I was giving concerts, using the bed as a stage.

It wasn't long before I had latched onto the first two albums that would act as a catalyst for my own music in later years. In 1983, I bought my first albums (on cassette). The first was Synchronicity by The Police, and not long after that came War by U2. That pretty much settled my favorite music for the rest of my life. I think I picked well. I would later complete his triumvirate with the release of Definitely Maybe by Oasis in 1994.

Of all these early influences, there was just something about that music, that, even though I was really little at the time of Synchronicity and War, just spoke to me. It was just... different, and yet it was melodic and catchy and had so much passion and reality supporting it. I wouldn't have articulated it like that at the time – I just knew it was special music. But it wasn’t until I found Noel Gallagher from Oasis years later that I really knew I wanted to be a songwriter.

Though I had developed a deep appreciation for songwriting and musicianship at a young age, it wasn't until my late high school years that I developed ambitions as a performer in my own right. I was muscled into doing musical theatre, mostly because I had the same teacher as my older sister, and she was really talented. I didn't know I could sing, so I just tried to fake it. It wasn't until I was getting lead roles that I realized you can't fake being able to sing. I could.

I spent the next few years overseas with the US Army, during which time I taught myself to play the guitar and took the first tentative steps into the world of songwriting. In the beginning, I was either trying really hard to be creative and different, or essentially re-writing cover songs. It wasn't until a bit later that I found out how to write in my own voice… And that the secret to saying something is to just say it.

After short stints in Charlotte, and in Seattle, where I learned the art of recording, I relocated to Denver in 1998. Not long after, I began playing a succession of rock'n'roll bands, beginning with the raucous pub band Free Beer, which then morphed itself to two incarnations: the American roots rock band The Revelators, and the comedy-cover band, The Sally Struthers All-Stars. It was from the members of these two lineups that I formed the power-pop trio Feedback, which saw the full-flowering of my songwriting abilities.